Stretch in Ochre (3), 2018

My latest of the stretch ochre oil paintings, and my favourite so far. It’s a cracking pose, that suited the limited palette perfectly, capturing the form with relatively flat colours. Absolutely delighted with how this turned out.


Stretch in Ochre (3), 2018 – oils on canvas board, £70



Back in Black & White, 2018

Here’s a figure drawing from a few weeks ago of a female model, drawn using white pastel pencils on some lovely black paper. Always enjoy working like that, but it can be hard to find a pose that’s lit in such a way to make the most of white-on-black. I think this one, courtesy of this NMA video, fits the bill. It’s now up for sale at the usual place for 50 of your earth pounds.

Back in Black and White, 2018 – pastel pencil on black paper, £50

I think I’ll return to that pose another time in the future in a different medium, since the bright whiteness of the model’s skin against the black background really is striking – white oil paint, perhaps?