Life drawing sketchbook, mid-October


Things have been rather quiet here lately, simply because life has been rather full-on. I’ve not been able to start the next series of figure paintings, but a few sketches when time and energy has allowed. Here’s the latest couple of pages, working from some of the most recent videos at Croquis Cafe.

Zoo sketchbook, 20th September

More lunchtime fun at the Budongo Trail after a couple of weeks off. Think I’m starting to get the sense of the chimpanzees in some of these pencil drawings. I’ve also shot some video footage of them to study, with an aim to some ‘action’ pose drawings down the line. Hopefully in the next month or two I’ll have a go at a portrait drawing of one of the chimpanzees, they’re truly fascinating subjects to draw.

Zoo sketchbook, 16th August 2018

Lunch over at the Budongo Trail at Edinburgh Zoo today, the highlight being the littlest chimpanzee (I really should learn their names) twisting a rope before using it to spin like a top, much to its obvious delight. Couldn’t sketch it, but a joy to watch.



Zoo sketches

One of the benefits of where I currently work is that Edinburgh Zoo is just a few minutes walk away. As a result of that, and buying a year’s membership to said Zoo, there’s going to be a steady stream of animal sketches on this here blog, hopefully leading towards some paintings. That’s a good way off yet, but here’s some sketches to start me off.

Right now my focus is on the chimpanzees, who present a fantastic challenge in both their similarities and differences with the human figure. They can be wonderfully expressive, character coming through in facial expressions and body language. I’d love to capture that someday.