Stretch in Ochre (4), 2018

Here we go, the fourth one in four weeks. Really glad I’ve stuck with them – the concept is simple enough to fit into a number of evenings, and it’s resulted in more oil painting over a month than I’ve done in the last 2 years combined. I’m going to take a week or two off before carrying on, give some thought as to whether continue working with this series based around a limited ochre colour palette, or try something else for a bit.


Stretch in Ochre (4), 2018 – oils on canvas board, £60

Stretch in Ochre (3), 2018

My latest of the stretch ochre oil paintings, and my favourite so far. It’s a cracking pose, that suited the limited palette perfectly, capturing the form with relatively flat colours. Absolutely delighted with how this turned out.


Stretch in Ochre (3), 2018 – oils on canvas board, £70


August Thoughts (Commission), August 2018

A pretty straightforward commission – do a painting like this one from four years ago


…but with a male model instead. Righto!

First step was to find a pose and model. Since I’m currently lacking in any life drawing sessions, I browsed through the Croquis Cafe Photo Archive until I found some pictures that clicked. Once the client had confirmed which pose they preferred, I got the same kind of paper (textured paper made for acrylic painting) and the same paints – water-mixable oils. The majority of the painting was finished in one evening, with some extra touches the following day after I saw it from a distance and thought “hmmm… hang on.” Now it’s all done and the client is delighted with the result. Hooray!


August Thoughts, 2018 – Oils on canvas paper (SOLD).

It was the first time I’d tried oil painting in the evening for as long as I can remember (ie, since becoming a parent) and I was pleasantly surprised with how it went. As a result I’m now committing myself to more evening painting (when I’m not reading bedtime stories, of course) working from videos like Croquis Cafe and New Masters Academy in the absence of a real model. Stay tuned for more!

Stretch in Ochre (1), 2018

First in a new series of oil paintings I’m going to produce (hopefully on a weekly basis, if reality will let me) based around poses showing various kinds of stretching, working with a limited palette. Such poses are a real pleasure (and challenge) to capture, especially in a painting. It’s one thing to do a sharp, exaggerated gesture drawing in 30 seconds, quite another to maintain a similar vitality in a painting that took a couple of hours to produce. I’m looking forward to seeing how these paintings progress as the weeks go by, but here’s the first – now up for sale.


Stretch in Ochre (1), 2018 – Oils on canvas board, £60.