Christmas Card, 2020

*blows digital dust away* Hello there. I’ve been meaning to start blogging again after years away, so this seemed like a good place to start!

2 years after the last post, being that year’s Christmas card design, here’s the latest biannual instalment in the lives of our snowy doppelgängers, including our 7 month old kitten Snufkin. It’s also one of the first drawings I’ve made on Procreate since getting an iPad earlier this month, and I think it turned out pretty well. Now I just need to get into two habits – of drawing regularly, and blogging regularly. Hopefully one will lead to the other.

Christmas Card, 2018


Merry Christmas! Here’s my drawing for our christmas card this year, the latest in the biennial adventures of our family in snow form (the Snowgls? Snagls? Sounds a bit Tolkein…) drawn on paper and Corel Painter. Wonder what they’ll be up to in 2020?